How Well The Relevance Methodology Goes With Other Theories

The Relevance Methodology’s goal is to define, create and bring to life a brand’s relationship to an important group of people.

By doing so it expands the brand’s marketing activities, that aim for classical objectives such as awareness, image or sales/users…

People who know me, know about this fetish of mine. If you only see me every couple of months it is very probable that I will have a different phone every time. As a first note: Yes, I am very Android — that’s what enlargens my choice of phones by…

In my keynotes I like to use real life examples: Campaigns that do something right. There are not really any campaigns that do everything right, in my opinion, but from time to time I find something that impresses me or has the potential to inspire my clients and so I…

Kai Platschke

consultant and teacher, founder of the relevance methodolody and author of the book #BeyondDigital - find me at

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